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    New Account or New Business?

    I have been working on this account for a couple of days trying to clean up his listing which has been edited with the wrong information. His places dashboard is still the old one, and had all of the correct information. I submitted it again there as well as on the listing to no avail.

    Taking a close look I realized that he was no longer verified!

    My next step is going to have to be verifying it again, my question is:
    Would it be best to create a new Places account in the new dashboard and not associated with the old account at all to avoid any possible issues with that specific account, or should I still work within the original account because it already does have some age and possibly authority?
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    Re: New Account or New Business?

    Did you verify this listing initially when you started working on it or did the client provide the login?

    It looks like you will have to claim it again. My suggestion is using a new Email address to manage the account. That way you will be able to use the NEW dashboard which updates info on Places Listings much faster. Using a new email address will allow you to use the new dashboard, whereas if you use your current login, you are doomed to keep the old dashboard (for now?).

    My advice is also to verify the existing listing instead of creating a new one. It will just save you some additional cleanup work!

    I Hope This Helps!
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