BrightLocal just released their 1st Healthcare Marketing Insights - SMB Internet Marketing Survey for 2013. Lots of great info inside!

Here are a few surprising key takeaways I picked up:

Healthcare SMBs spend 16% more on marketing than other sectors, yet only 32% of their budget is spent online - far less than average across all SMBs.

When asked: "Do you handle internet marketing yourself or use a freelance marketing consultant/agency?" The response was...

66% handle it themselves
15% don’t do any internet marketing

12% use an agency

So most do it themselves and according to the next question about their attitudes regarding Internet marketing: 30% understand it and want to do it themselves and
30% are learning about it and want to do it themselves.

HOWEVER when these health professionals were asked "Which of these statements best applies to your feelings about Google Places/Google Local?" an overwhelming majority (45.5%) of them said they: "find it clear and easy to use."

So what that says to me is they really AREN'T doing Google+ Local themselves. They maybe set it and forgot it or something. Because if they were actively involved, the numbers would be more skewed toward the answers "don't understand it" and "find it frustrating due to all the changes."

I tend to think of medical as one of the best markets for local search consultants to target, but these numbers make it look like a tough nut to crack.

But again the numbers are averages across the healthcare segment. Certain medical specialties like Dentists, Chiropractors, Cosmetic Surgeons and Lasik Centers are much more competitive online, than say Psychologists and Pharmacies - and therefore use more agency help as a result.

At any rate, great info as always from BrightLocal. Thanks for the stats!

What do you guys think? Any surprises here for you?