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    Adding location based keywords in the name of your GP listing?

    Hi i was wondering if there are any issues in adding a location based keyword in the name of your GP listing. For example the current listing looks like this:

    Dick Smith Electronics
    3 Google reviews

    Shop 209,Broadway Shopping Center/1 Bay St
    Broadway NSW
    (02) 9211 3777

    Dick Smith Electronics Broadway
    3 Google reviews

    If i add the keyword term "Broadway" which is the location of the store (as above), is there any issues (e.g. penalties)
    in doing this?

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    Re: Adding location based keywords in the name of your GP listing?

    Hi Matt,

    Adding keywords or city to the business name is a violation and can cause suspension. All that should be in that field is the name.

    Adding city to business name also isn't needed for customers because the store in City 1 will only rank in city 1 and the city is right in the business details on the page.

    In addition to being a violation it would also mess up their NAP consistency, so not a good idea all the way around.
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