You've likely seen several posts about all the hotel listings that were hijacked by 3rd party booking sites.

Last night I was reading about restaurant listings being hijacked by online ordering sites. I admit I have not had time to do any investigation at all on this story. I'm just sharing so those of you that have restaurant clients can know it's a potential issue.

Many Restaurants see their Google Places Profile Hijacked - Reservation Genie

This article is about the sudden rise of online ordering companies hijacking restaurant’s Google Places Profile. We’ll show you how to spot it, outline a few cases where it’s been done, and point out the players behind it. If it’s happened to your restaurant and you need help fixing it, get in touch and I’ll send you a 10 step list to fixing it.

How to Tell if your Google Places Profile has been Hijacked

When customers search for a restaurant in Google, they frequently enter the restaurant name and city. So, for example, you might enter “Azuca San Antonio”. What shows up first when you add the city is normally the restaurant’s website connected to their Google Places profile. If it’s not your URL, then you’ve been hijacked. Frequently the major difference will be a .NET instead of .com ending. You can spot the site connected to your Google Places profile by looking at the details beneath the website. It will have extra links to a map marker, reviews, and other Google related features. You can see those highlighted in red below.
There is a discussion about this at Hacker News too.

What I'm wondering, is if these are really hijackings or if these are crusty old scraped Google dupes that were buried then surfaced like Hummingbird guano, like all the crusty old emergency plumber listings Mike just posted about.

What do you think?
Have you ever heard of this happening or have you experienced it yourself?