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    Google maps has wrong location for client

    Hello All,

    On Google Maps, we have a client whose business is located two buildings to the left of their actual location.

    We're trying to determine the exact longitude and latitude of their business, but I'm not sure if we should go with:

    1. The lat/long of where Google THINKS the business is located (and has identified so on Google Maps)
    2. The ACTUAL lat/long of the business

    I'm no mapmaker expert, so I don't want to attempt messing with MM. This client's rankings in local are pretty strong overall, but can be improved.

    I'm afraid if we go with the actual lat/long, we will confuse Google or possibly create a duplicate (maybe I'm paranoid), but if we go with what Google thinks, are we doing a disservice to customers who drive to their location?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: Google maps has wrong location for client

    Do you have this client's Google Places listing verified?
    Google makes it pretty easy to adjust the location of the pin.
    Here is Google's writeup on it:

    When editing the information, there is a link that says "Fix incorrect Marker Location."
    Click that and drag the pin to where it needs to be.

    As far as duplicates, that shouldn't be a problem! This small move shouldn't damage your rankings. If you were to drag it a couple of miles or to a city center, i would say that might cause some problems

    Let me know if you have more questions!
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    Re: Google maps has wrong location for client

    Thank you - that's right! I completely forgot about the option to drag the marker to a different location!

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