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    Arrow Zombie Dupes - How Duplicate Business Listings Multiply and can Hurt You

    Andrew Shotland just posted a great article at Search Engine Land about duplicate local business listings.

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    Image credit: Link below from Search Engine Land

    You all know by now that dupes are the bane of my existence. When you see the other images over there in that article, you'll get a peek at what my nightmares look like.

    Why Duplicate Business Listings Are Like The Walking Dead

    In the Local SEO biz, we spend a lot of time fixing duplicate business listings. Duplicate records of your business appearing throughout the Local Search ecosystem can cause a variety of issues like messing with your Google Local rankings, causing you to lose business, and may even make you feel like you’re experiencing a zombie apocalypse.

    The problem is no matter what we do, dupes often come back from the dead to haunt us. Why is that?
    Head over to read the rest including comments from Russ and I.

    What do you think?

    What are some of the ways you fight the zombie apocalypse?
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    re: Zombie Dupes - How Duplicate Business Listings Multiply and can Hurt You

    The apocalypse is scary. It can be hard tracking down the original source. The fear is that the few that you find will overnight turn into 90 next week.

    It's like water and Gremlins.

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    Re: Zombie Dupes - How Duplicate Business Listings Multiply and can Hurt You

    Great share, thanks.

    What can we do, though, really? We can fix everything fixable, make sure the data aggregators have the right data, make sure the website is strong, continue to build quality structured and unstructured citations, and snag duplicates as soon as they appear.

    Beyond that, I suppose the issue is out of our hands?
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