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    Time For SMBs To Tackle Or Be Tackled By Online Reviews

    If you are focused on the review space there are some really good graphs and stats here and probably good advice. (Admittedly I only had time to skim.)

    Time For SMBs To Tackle Or Be Tackled By Online Reviews
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Time For SMBs To Tackle Or Be Tackled By Online Reviews

    Hi All,
    I'm hoping you can help me with a client issue.
    My client is a dentist. He recently received a questionably negative Google review (see below) even though the reviewer (anonymous) rated him 3/5. Any ideas on how I should advise him to respond? Here's the review:

    HONEST REVIEW: I was looking for a new dentist in Brampton closer to my apartment and decided to Google one. I noticed that Dr. Axelrad's office has MANY positive reviews, whereas the other dentists in Brampton had almost no reviews. I took this as a great sign and decided to try them out a few months ago. I'm finally now getting around to sharing my review. My first impression when walking through the door: office is small, cramped, and looks old/dated. Didn't get the feel like it was the cleanest office I've been in. The parking lot is pay parking but the receptionist will hand you a binder with a paid ticket to put in your car. The receptionist is very nice and the hygienists are all sweethearts too. I went for a teeth cleaning and it went ok. The one thing I didn't like that while I was getting my teeth cleaned with that water instrument, the hygienist did not do a good job of keeping the water in my mouth. It was getting on my face and dripping from my mouth all down my neck. The hygienist did not bother to stop and wipe the water and she just kept going. I was very annoyed and uncomfortable feeling the water dripping down my neck and wetting my shirt. I had to wipe the water off. This was honestly the first time this has happened to me at a dentist. Maybe she was still new or training but I thought it was very unprofessional. She was very nice though and did a decent cleaning. Another thing I noticed is that where other dentists at least give you sunglasses to shield your eyes from the light, this dentist does not. As I was paying before I left, I suddenly realized why they have so much positive Google reviews. They have signs everywhere saying if you post an excellent Google review within a certain amount of time after your visit, they will give you a free Tim Horton's gift card. There's something to think about.

    Thanks to those that respond in advance.

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