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    Dealing with Google Local Spam By reporting the problem to Google

    Great Post by Dan Austin over at Blumenthals Blog. Here is his experience working in the Locksmith industry

    Google Maps Report a Problem: Does It Work For Local Spam? | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

    Google’s crowd sourced map building and listing has succeeded on a number of fronts at allowing maps and listings to be updated at a pace that no one else in the industry can keep up. While the mapping side has little economic incentive for cheating, the listing side is prime for self serving activities. For some period of time there has been an asymmetry in that it seems that it has been easier for the crowd to create spam than for the crowd to get rid of it.

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    re: Dealing with Google Local Spam By reporting the problem to Google

    Thanks for posting Dusty!

    There is a TON of meat in that post so you guys need to head over to read it.

    One thing Dan noted is that phone verification has been turned off for new listings thanks in part to the map shenanigans with the FBI and Secret Service fake maps listings and others that were an attempt, in part, to get Google to take action on spam.

    The post documents how woefully lacking "report a problem" has been as a tool to edit or delete spam listings. There are tons of good references and links to follow too.
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