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    Google Local SERPs Layout Differences on Desktop, Android and Jelly Bean

    Interesting article with screenshots showing the difference in Google Local SERPs layout between desktop, Android and Jelly Bean.

    Understanding mobile search: Differences in ‘Local Intent’ Google SERPs | Tnooz

    With this new search function, Google has arranged the local results in a Google Now style card format featuring prominently up top, before any of the paid or organic listings.

    “Big deal,” you might say. “This is just Google Now doing its personal assistant thing, like Tnooz told us about here.” But we have actually confirmed that these results are identical whether you have enabled or refused Google Now, so this is not actually a Google Now related action.

    It’s clear to us that Google is moving in a bold direction to push the priority of local listings to mobile users, above paid listings and organic results. What is unclear at this point is whether this behavior will translate to other OS’ versions of the Google Search app, such as iOS or older versions of Android, or whether this behavior will perhaps be implemented in mobile browser Google results entirely.
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    Re: Google Local SERPs Layout Differences on Desktop, Android and Jelly Bean

    Google Maps for mobile devices also gives different results that Google Maps for desktop, as I discovered once or twice while navigating with printouts from the desktop version and then used my phone when I got lost.

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