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    Businessweek Article About Google Maps Spammer

    Hey Folks,

    I stumbled on this article: How Scammers Turn Google Maps Into Fantasy Land - Businessweek

    It is about a news story from about a few weeks ago (I remember Blumenthals covered it) where a local seo expert created spam listings for the FBI and other government agencies. Supposedly, he did this to prove a point to Google how easy it is to game Map Maker, and because he was pissed off about all the fake listings for locksmiths. A good read -- it's always interesting when a non-search-specific news outlet picks up a story about SEO.

    What are your thoughts on this? Where you guys aware of this particular method?

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    Re: Businessweek Article About Google Maps Spammer

    I used to know this guy (Bryan Seely) back in the day when I was creating tons of fake listings and sell leads.

    He charged me $10 for each verified G Maps listing (without having to verify via postcard) and I paid up $1000 for 100 verified listings. The guy then disappeared off the face of the earth. I'm not surprised he created a fake listing for the FBI in order to get publicity.

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