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    Some Listing Confusion in Canada

    Thanks Linda for all the great updates. If I may used this thread to pick your expertise for a moment? I would like to know if;
    1. Google + Local and Places have already begun to merge in the Canadian market? If so, I haven't seen any indication of it and it has been quite a few months since they decided Places would become G+ Local.
    2. A couple of listings (in Places) have pictures, up to 10, and video in one listing uploaded but they are not all showing online. Would you know why? Here are the links: does not show the pictures and does not show the video
    3. I found out about spam reviews on this Forum but in the case of the spa listing above link, they created a campaign encouraging their clients to leave a review which have all been deleted by Google as spam. What would be your suggestion in this case? I did not see any useful comments/solutions from the posts.
    4. Finally, what does trackbacks window mean below?

    I trust my questions are clear and have some merit.
    Last edited by Linda Buquet; 01-02-2013 at 09:38 PM. Reason: Moved thread to help forum.

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    Re: How to Detect VERIFIED STATUS on Google+ Local pages?

    You posted in a thread titled "How to Detect VERIFIED STATUS on Google+ Local pages?" and this does not have anything to do with that plus since you posted links to the listing, it make this post most appropriate for the help section so I moved it there.

    1) Yes Google Places already updated to Google+ Local in Ca. Both pages you showed me in the links are Google+ Local pages. But not merged/verified G+ business pages. Most experts agree you should not merge yet anyway as it's a little too new and buggy.

    2) Videos stopped showing several months ago. They've been broken ever since Place pages changed to Google+ Local. Images can take up to a month to start showing. That 2nd listing looks newly verified because there is no history, so that could be the issue on that one.

    3) If they "created a campaign encouraging their clients to leave a review" that could be the problem. Depends on how it was done. There are a bunch of different reviews spam filters for lots of different things. There are a ton of posts that outline some of the things that trip filters and posts with suggestions for what to do. This is the best one. Asking for Reviews (Post Google Apocalypse) | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

    4) Trackbacks are mainly used by me. If I link to someone else's post, like I just did to Mike's above, a trackback just lets him know I linked to him.
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