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    Arrow Getting those Naggy Local Citation Phone Verifications Done - Free Workflow Doc

    Ashwin from Synup, one of our members here, alerted me to a detailed post he did that offers a free workflow for getting those naggy local directory phone verifications done.

    Scaling Phone Verification In Local Directories (+Free Workflow) – Synup Blog

    Phone verification is a messy ordeal. Especially when you’re an agency dealing with clients or a brand marketer having to claim and promote multiple store locations.

    And, it doesn’t help that you have to claim your profile separately on multiple listing sites. Its a time consuming, annoying and high friction process for all parties involved.

    Local directories haven’t considered scale and multiple entities involved in the management and marketing of a business location when they’ve built out their phone verification systems. Though it wasn’t the original intent, they’ve built a broken, unscalable model.

    Like everybody else out there, I’ve had my own set of problems (and lost hair) thanks to phone verification and in my attempt to automate the back and forth as much as possible, I’ve built a system that I hope will help the rest of you do this better.
    Head over to read the rest and thanks for the head's up Ashwin.

    What do you guys think about Ashwin's process?

    Anything to add?
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Getting those Naggy Local Citation Phone Verifications Done - Free Workflow Doc

    Thanks for sharing, Linda!

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    Re: Getting those Naggy Local Citation Phone Verifications Done - Free Workflow Doc

    Good stuff! Thanks Ashwin.
    Colan Nielsen l GMB Top Contributor
    Vice President, Local Search at Sterling Sky
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