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    Want to Cancel Verification of Google Places But Won't Let Me

    We have a new client. I used our Adwords account gmail to claim the Places listing.

    Found out a few days later that the client had "already" claimed it under their biz account.

    Since then, I have looked at the client's gmail and in their places dash and it is "Pending Review".

    So I want to delete the request for verification but it only offers to
    "Request another code" or "Enter Pin". I don't see "Cancel Request"

    So at the bottom of the page there is the choice
    "Remove this Listing"

    But it says if I remove this listing
    Are you sure you want to remove this listing from your account?
    Please note:

    • This action cannot be undone and you will no longer be associated with this listing.
    • This will stop any campaigns in AdWords Express for this business.
    • BobsMonkeyHouse may continue to appear in search results on Google, Google Maps, and Google+ Local.

    You will no longer be able to use this listing with these services:

    • Google+ page

    If I choose this option will it cancel the Adwords account? It says will stop campaigns AdWords Express. Are they connected?

    Or rather is my client's request for the Places being held up and in "Pending Review" because of my request?


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    Re: Want to Cancel Verification of Google Places But Won't Let Me

    Hi Robin

    Interesting - you're not supposed to be able to double claim a listing nowadays. Perhaps the pending review status is why. Is there any chance the listing you claimed is a copy of the one the customer claimed?

    If somehow, you have been able to double claim the listing on the two accounts, deleting the page from your account should not delete the adwords account. Adwords is different to adwords express.

    AFAIK you can't cancel a request to claim.

    Perhaps in future separate the adwords login from the one for your places pages (two different emails to login); even if just from a security aspect.

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