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    Foursquare announces launch of new App that focuses on local search.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this new App.

    A look into the future of Foursquare, including a new app called Swarm

    We spend a lot of time talking to people about Foursquare, and we constantly hear they use Foursquare for two things – to keep up and meet up with their friends, and to discover great places. Every month, tens of millions of people open up the app to do each. But, as it turns out, each time you open the app, you almost always do just one of those things. At home, you may be searching for a place for dinner. After dinner, you are probably looking to see what friends nearby are up to. That’s why today, we’re announcing that we’re unbundling these two experiences into two separate apps – Foursquare, and a new app called Swarm.

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    Re: Foursquare announces launch of new App that focuses on local search.

    Looks interesting. Thanks for the share!
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