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    WordPress Local Search plugins?

    As with my other post on Schema plugins, I'm looking at available plugins that purport to optimize local search factors.

    Anyone have experience with any of these? Any that are recommended or others that should be avoided? Are any of them really helpful?

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    Re: WordPress Local Search plugins?

    Hi David, hoping members weigh in with opinions, but for the benefit of others that are looking for answers here are some previous posts.

    What is the BEST Local Seo wordpress theme?

    WordPress: Major update to Yoast's Local SEO plugin

    But if you are looking for a local SEO theme that's flexible, does it all and has a great deal on a multi-site developer's license. I don't think you can do better than Don's Small Biz theme. (He used to work at Microsoft but now is one of the leaders in the local search space and really knows his stuff!)

    I've seen tons of local sites that use that theme and rank high. I think it does everything you need and more. More info - 2nd link on my Local SEO Tools page.

    I would think it also does all the schema for you since you asked about that in your other thread. BUT the video says it does hcard, which is a similar format. But I think that vid might be old. I would be surprised if the theme was not updated to include schema. If interested in that theme I can ping Don and ask him to come over and weigh in about schema on this theme.

    What do you guys think? Any other recommendations?
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    Re: WordPress Local Search plugins?

    Hi David

    The only local plugin I've used is Yoast's. Works well and is simple/easy for those who don't want to get into the guts of a page and work out all the coding by themselves.

    nb: does not contain a couple of Linda's secret sauce ingredients, but for many areas you don't need to go to that level to get great results.

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