This is an issue I have been dealing with quite a bit in the last year and is sore spot. For those of you that don't know, Ripoff Report has been targeting businesses for quite some time now. 3 separate businesses have called us in the last year complaining about this company. We had one dental practice contact us a few months ago because a false report had been posted about the practice and tanked her business within 6 months. This Dentist had a great reputation up until this report.

The owner of Ripoff report, Ed Magedson, continues to attack small businesses, demanding money in return for taking down the fake reviews. When these businesses decide to take legal action, Ripoff Report comes back with a law suit and targets other businesses in the family as well. In almost all the cases, Ripoff Report wins. This is all because of the Communications Decency Act. Finally, Yahoo7 in Australia, has taken action by de-indexing RipOff Report. I am amazed that Google, Bing and Yahoo continue to support this company when so many businesses and families are getting hammered.

Yahoo7 Australia Drops Ripoff Report From Search Results After Defamation Complaints

A Yahoo7 spokesperson gave us this statement on the decision to de-index that entire domain:

"Yahoo7 has received significant complaints in regards to defamatory content in our search results which have been generated from links on the website Under Australian law Yahoo7 has an obligation to remove defamatory content from our search results, when notified of it. Given the volume of complaints received in respect of the website, Yahoo7 has put in place measures to stop ripoffreport results appearing in Yahoo7 Search while we review our legal position."