I don't personally use SEOmoz since I don't work on client sites any more. Since I don't use it, I was never very clear on exactly how the Moz tool set could be used for local.

David Mihm, just wrote a super helpful post about how he's been using it for local SEO and now I am seeing some good applications. Now that he's on the team, I'm sure we'll soon see lots more local functionality coming from the Mozplex soon..

How I Use SEOmoz for Local Optimization Today | SEOmoz

Hard to believe itís already been two months since Iíve been a part of the SEOmoz team! Weíve made some great progress on syncing up our codebase with the SEOmoz development environment. Once that process is complete, the fun part REALLY begins, and we will start to build out additional Local functionality over the course of 2013 and beyond. I canít wait to write Version Two of this post once weíve got more of that functionality built.

As an SEOmoz PRO customer since the service launched in February 2007, I thought Iíd give a quick little tour of how Iíve used SEOmozís existing tools for Local optimization in my consulting role at David Mihm, Inc. over the past six years.

Throughout the last 18 months, Iíve been helping my cousin Tracy with her small business Group Insurance PDX, which I'll use as an example for this post.
Long post, lots of screen shots and rich intel. Head over to read it.

Anyone here use SEOmoz for local? Please share any thoughts.