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    Cool Google Plus Local listing with the owners thumbnail picture attached :/

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I thought I would share this screen shot, as I have never seen the authors/owners picture next to a Plus Local listing.

    I am familiar with using a schema author mark-up for blogs but not for a Plus Local listing.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    Have a great weekend!!!!!


    P.s See link in case image did'nt upload

    Sorry, I've just seen it's a review from a Google Plus account by a relative, anyway makes the listing stand out.

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    Re: Google Plus Local listing with the owners thumbnail picture attached :/

    Hi Gio,

    The image didn't work and the link was from Google and didn't show the author image. In fact the SERPS are totally different there. Interesting that it's such a different layout.

    Anyway I did the search on US Google:

    Are you talking about DeDomenico Orthodontics? If so, yes those images have been around for a long time. You see them often for attorney searches in particular. Google Tampa attorney or Atlanta attorney and you'll see a few.
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