Mike Blumenthal shares his experience after a trip to Budapest. Sounds like some exciting things are happening around the world.

Some Thoughts on the YP industry & Google in Europe

I am just returning from the SIINDA conference in Budapest. SIINDA is the newly formed association born out of the combined efforts of the EASDP, the European Association of Search and Database Publishers (YPs), and EIDQ, the Association for the Directory Information. Most of the attendees at the conference were Yellow page companies that were in various states of conversion from print to digital. Many were fairlfy far along and appeared to be succeding with the transition. It was an incredible personal AND work learning experience. One of the speakers was Karen McGrane, who if you havenít followed you should. She has really thought through the idea of systems to allow content to be re-purposed and right purposed. A critical question for any pre-digital organization that is sitting on a ton of great content as well as new media companies.