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    Company launches new tool to measure foot traffic patterns around local business's

    Its amazing how technology is changing the way we interact. I first read about location based marketing after reading a news piece on Toronto businesses using a service called Turnstyle. It does bring up a debate on how much a business should really know about a customer without their knowledge.

    xAd Launches New Visualization Tool for Real World Foot Traffic

    xAd today launched a new product called Footprints to better measure and visualize traffic (of the analog variety). This will be a tool for marketers to better research foot traffic patterns and make informed decisions about localized ad targeting strategies.
    The company positions Footprints as a tool for marketers to view real time mobile visits at more than 14 million U.S. businesses. This will happen to the tune of 30 million local business visits per day, which will fuel 1.5 billion daily location-aware ad requests.

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    Re: Company launches new tool to measure foot traffic patterns around local business'

    Yes, this is coming real fast for better or worse. Google revamped its Analytics platform to foster this kind of data collection.

    I think most people are unaware how easy it is to track them in real life. And once this information is digitized it is exposed for eternity.

    The NSA is child's play compared to the willful exposure people are tacitly agreeing to commercially.

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