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    LocalBusiness Schema Greatly Expanded - See Full List

    Joost de Valk AKA Yoast, discovered that the list of Schema LocalBusiness types has been greatly expanded. I looked at it not that long ago and all these categories & sub-cats were not there.

    Click any of the links you are interested in to see the sub-categories.
    If you click store link above for instance, on bottom of page there is a big list of store types.

    Example HomeAndConstructionBusiness breaks out into:

    Here is Joost's list which is great because it shows all the sub-cats all broken out for each primary cat. New LocalBusiness types – news

    Thanks Joost for the head's up!

    Here is a direct link to the Schema LocalBusiness Page
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: LocalBusiness Schema Greatly Expanded - See Full List

    That's great news. Now if the powers-that-be can only figure out a way for the "little guy" to adopt Schema widely (without having to hire one of us local-search-obsessives)...

    Thanks for passing that along, Linda!

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    Re: LocalBusiness Schema Greatly Expanded - See Full List

    I think schema's will be easy for owner operators to apply, it is just hard to get people to understand why it matters.

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