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    Brightlocal Review Survey helps us understand consumers

    Some good data in here...

    Local Consumer Review Survey 2014

    This survey is an annual exploration into how consumers read & use online reviews. It seeks to quantify the value that users place on the reviews they read & how this impacts their opinions & actions when seeking a local business to use. (see
    2013 survey results) , is specifically concerned with the reviews & purchase of local business services and not wider product reviews.

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    Re: Brightlocal Review Survey helps us understand consumers

    Thanks so much for sharing Justin!
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Brightlocal Review Survey helps us understand consumers

    Yep, reviews are so much bang for your buck, marketing-wise, it's a wonder more marketers aren't doing more aggressive review marketing. Reviews deliver not just visibility but influence--insane influence, as this data makes clear. Thanks Justin!
    Jon Hall | Founder of, White-label Review Management for Marketers, SEOs and Agencies | Author of The Marketer's Guide to Customer Reviews

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