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    Only for those of you who like to smile

    I've read his posts before but never his story.

    Quick and easy read. I dare you not to smile at least once

    Here?s How Jon Morrow Writes - Copyblogger

    Happy Thursday, y'all!
    Amber Robinson on G+

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    Re: Only for those of you who like to smile

    Thanks so much Amber. Can't wait to read!
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    Re: Only for those of you who like to smile

    Thanks for sharing that Amber. I laughed more than once.

    I think this was my fave part:

    Choose one author, living or dead, that you would like to have dinner with.
    Since we’re talking fantasy, I would choose myself. Here’s why:
    If I were able to have dinner with myself, that would mean somebody managed to clone me and there are now two Jon Morrows in the world. I would strap a bomb to his chest and get him to do all the work while I sit at the beach and read and wink at girls.
    (On second thought, the other me would probably have the same plan, and we would end up coercing each other to do even more work than we did before. Damn. Never mind.)
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