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    I Still Have the Google Places (old) Dashboard!?!?

    So, I just noticed that one of my clients still has the OLD Google Places Dashboard for their listing. Yes, the original OLD "Places" dashboard!

    They have 2 locations, each one in a separate account, and the other is normal and fully upgraded.

    I went to the Google My Business dashboard and it looked a little "off' compared to others, and when I click the "Edit" button it takes me to the G+ Page instead of the editor. Couldn't figure that pout at first, but then noticed it is a different # in the URL.

    So I went directly to the local listing online and clicked the 'Is this your business?' "Manage This Page' button and it took me right to the OLD Places dashboard to make edits.


    The listing still ranks very well, so I am afraid to make any moves at this point, but it still concerns me.

    Could I be the Last Man Standing when it comes to the old dashboard? Only the strong survive? lol

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    Re: I Still Have the Google Places (old) Dashboard!?!?

    Hi Greg,

    We still have a few clients in the old old places dash as well. Google is aware of these remaining stragglers and assured me that they are working on it.
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    Re: I Still Have the Google Places (old) Dashboard!?!?

    I think last month we have this same problem. What we did is hit edit and do a null submit. We don't change any info we just hit submit then after couple of days it is converted to the new dashboard. I dunno if this stuff will notify Google and that way noticed that you have the old dashboard. I dunno if this really the reason because we know that Google is automatically converting those businesses from old Google place dashboard to the new one.

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