Yesterday Google announced a new option for linking your Google My Business and AdWords accounts to create local extensions for Adwords.

Streamlines everything!

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A simpler way to manage your business locations in AdWords

Scale and reach. The new Google My Business makes it easy to manage your business listings on Google and link them to AdWords. Previously, location extensions needed to be set up for each campaign. Now you can set up upgraded location extensions at the account level and they’ll automatically be enabled for all campaigns in your AdWords account.

Easier optimization. The business addresses you link to your AdWords account can also be used for location targeting and bid adjustments. For example: you can target ads to the United States, then bid +80% for the area within 4 miles of all the business locations that you’ve linked in a single step.

And here are the help docs that explain further:

Show local business info with location extensions - AdWords Help

What location extensions do

  • Location extensions show your business address, phone, and map marker with your ad text.

  • On mobile, they include a link with directions to your business.

  • Clicks on ads with location extensions cost a standard cost-per-click.

How you benefit

  • Location extensions encourage people to visit you in person.

  • You can add multiple addresses manually, or by linking your account to Google My Business.

  • On average, ads with location extensions see a 10% boost in clickthrough rate.

  • You can target your ads around your business addresses.


Zain owns a doughnut shop in Portland, and wants to draw foot traffic to his storefront. He adds a location extension to his ad. Now, people strolling around nearby who search for one of his keywords (like “best doughnut” or “doughnut shop”) can see his address, a clickable “Call” button, and directions to his shop. Now it’s easy for Zain’s potential customers to find him.
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