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    Any idea what causes "restricted" and only an About tab?

    I haven't seen this before - any ideas?

    The popup box over the "restricted" box (which should be the follow box) says "you are restricted from following..."
    It's a verified business. And it's not just me. Different G+ user doesn't change it. Page shows normal follow button if you load it while logged out.

    It's also odd there's only an about page. No posts, no photos, nada.

    Is it because of categories? Their main cat is restaurant, but in the details section it shows brewpub as a cat too. Other restaurants that have "pub" as their category aren't restricted, "brewery"s aren't restricted...
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    Re: Any idea what causes "restricted" and only an About tab?

    Never seen that before. Could it be a setting that they have in their dash? Never noticed a setting like that before, but never really checked either.
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    Re: Any idea what causes "restricted" and only an About tab?

    There is an age restriction setting that can be set up for things like adult sites.

    Maybe they somehow ticked that setting?

    That's just a guess, I've also never seen that before.

    Here are the Google docs for Age and geographical restrictions for Google+ pages.
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