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    How this listings made it live to Google Maps?


    How these following locksmith listing made live to Google Maps?

    and a hell lot more...

    I checked via mapmaker and found no history of it. I also try checking for some referrals like citation and found nothing, even its own website that linked to it.

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    Re: How this listings made it live to Google Maps?


    There are several ways that spammers get away with creating fake business listings. Joy Hawkins did a great write-up on one of the ways. This thread links to her post, plus this thread has some great feedback from Dan Austin on the subject.


    Iíve often wondered how spammers were so successful at creating multiple listings on Google Places when Google requires you to verify each location by receiving a pin in the mail via postcard. Apparently I donít have the mind of a black hat SEO professional because the process is easier than I thought. Dan Austin filled
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