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    Dentist with a GREAT website and GREAT local pages listing gets KILLEDby others!

    I am an australian dentist.

    My site, 7to7dentist.com has some decent seo on it, and I have a google page with 16 5 star reviews.

    I have my full profile filled out, photos, times, etc etc, am verified etc etc. Have fb, g+, twitter prescence but I just cant seem to crack the local listings.

    The other one I would like to list well on is "dentist gosford", but I am two miles out of the gosford area. Suburbs wise, there is gosford, then north gosford, and I am in wyoming, just north of that.

    I used to rank in the 7 pack for dentist gosford, but just disappeared.

    I have 16 google reviews, all 5 star. All of the reviews would probably be from old gmail accounts. I sent a standard email template asking for a review, and showed people how to set up a gmail account. After I got a few, i only sent the email to people who already had a gmail account, and directed the others to a different web review site.

    So, i get a bit annoyed if you google "dentist central coast nsw" and then there are dentists who have minimal reviews, no web pages, . One of the dentists has no website, and a single g+ page with NOTHING on it, but has 150 000 google +1s and 75 000 tweets, obviously bought as he has half a dozen followers. Another dentist is misspelled "gorokan dental" as "gorokol dental"

    However, gosford is right in the middle of the central coast!!! So I should be much closer to the middle than the other guys.

    The only thing I can think of is that I have a 1300 661 771 number (a free call in australia, that most businesses have) I have promoted the hell out of this, with my nap, citations, etc. I have just read that I should be using a local number for google to pick it up.

    Now, I am open to suggestions. Should I add my normal number to google listing? Will that create confusion? What should my nap be if I effectively have two phone numbers? The 1300 number is much easier to remember.

    My other problem is I called my business 7to7dentist.com, instead of 7to7dentist. I thought that would be smart, but it was not. Google of course edited any reviews that had my "correct" name in it. I have recently contacted yellow pages, white pages, etc and have cleaned up most of these issues.

    I even have geotagged shots on panoramio on the outside of the building.

    What else am I missing here? I have learnt and studied seo a lot and have just stumbled across this site

    Another issue is I had major troubles getting a google places page up and running and verified. To cut a long story short, I started 6 or 10 pages , eventually got one verified, contacted google to delete the others (which never had anything on it), which was done. Only one is visible in some searches, but is hidden.

    All help much appreciated!!
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    Re: Dentist with a GREAT website and GREAT local pages listing gets KILLEDby others!

    So sorry no one has been able to answer any of your questions.

    We are in the middle of a bunch of different Google updates and changes and I am totally buried. I did take a quick peek and didn't see anything off. But I don't have time for a deep dive.

    Plus it's really hard for me to troubleshoot overseas listings so I usually leave that to members here that are in that country. Hopefully someone can help you tomorrow.
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    Re: Dentist with a GREAT website and GREAT local pages listing gets KILLEDby others!

    Without diving too deep, I would definitely use a local number. Is a 1300 number the equivalent of a 1-800 in the states? If so, this could be the problem.

    How long has your website been live?

    How long has your Google My Business page been live?
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