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    Greatest Hits from Mike Blumenthal AKA Professor Maps

    If you've read the plethora of highly educated posts that continuously come from Mike Blumenthal's blog, then you know that it's tough to keep up with all the local knowledge that pours out of that guy! I honestly don't know how it does it!

    Phil Rozek had a great idea and asked some of the leading experts to cite their top "Mike" posts of all time. He asked me to participate but I had do decline due to time constraints.

    So if you don't want to sort through 2400 posts to find the best Mike posts, this list will greatly help you out. In spite of Google's changes, most of these offer timeless, best practice advice, that stands the test of time.

    Best Mike Blumenthal Blog Posts (So Far): a Poll of Longtime Fans
    From (Just a snippet - so click the link to read full post.)

    If you’re reading this, either you’re already a fan of Professor Maps (as he’s known) and his blog, or you’re becoming one.

    I’ve read his posts throughout my local-search career so far. I’m not alone when I say they’ve been a huge influence on my thinking, to say the least.

    The only trouble is: of the 2400+ posts Mike has done so far, it’s hard to know where to start, or which posts are the most evergreen.

    That’s why I asked some of the longest-time / hardest-core readers of Mike’s blog what their all-time favorite posts are. They also added some great commentary.

    Even this list of favorites probably has the shelf life of sushi, given how much Mike publishes (see the July 2014 storm of posts). But it’s still worth a try.

    Here are the top picks of some long-time readers:
    So head over to Phil's to read the rest.

    In addition to time constraints I did not participate because for me it would just be too hard to even try to boil it down. But here is one that really resonated with me and that I quote or link to often:

    Asking for Reviews (Post Google Apocalypse)

    And another fav is: Google Local: Train Wreck at the Junction. No one can critique Google like Mike does.

    But those were already mentioned by others...

    What are your favorite hits from Mike???

    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

    If you benefit from advice here... Please pay the community back by sharing on social OR helping someone else at the forum. Thank you!

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    Note: Due to mulitple RSI injuries, pardon short replies. Typos? Blame it on "Dragon".

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    Re: Greatest Hits from Mike Blumenthal AKA Professor Maps

    It was nice of Phil to include me in the group. I've been reading Mike's posts since he began writing about Local and as he narrowed his focus on Google and some other topics.

    His volume of posts since 2006 is enormous so I picked some that had resonated and stuck with me, and Phil nicely did the work of linking to them. Thanks, Phil.

    In reviewing the choices and your's above it was interesting that several people chose the Train wreck article from late 2012. That is a good choice and one that is interesting.

    Virtually one year earlier Mike wrote a piece that was so upbeat and sort of surprising about the inner workings of Local and how things were looking better: The Untold Story of 2011: Google’s Significant Investments in a Google Places Support Structure | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

    After Soooooooooo many years of pretty lousy responsiveness and problems, Mike reported on and was upbeat about changes for smb's that were upgraded because of changes within the internal mechanism's that fueled Google's internal operations.

    It was accurate. Things had gotten better in late 2011. ......and then 1 year later....Baboom!!!! Things had gone downhill again. So the train wreck article is very fascinating in light of some significant progress.

    But things have gotten better over the years. Local has been a long and winding road....and Mike has documented it for most of its existence.

    Its always interesting to read the perspectives of a variety of people.

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