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    Old phone number keeps reappearing and I cant delete it

    I bought a 1300 number in australia- very professional, easy to remember.

    Two problems
    1) google may not like it, i understand, this may be changed in future, it has not been an issue in the past

    2) They recycle 1300 numbers, and mine was for an air conditioner the other side of australia ( I am a dentist), and it keeps reappearing on google!

    I keep sending emails off to the sites that appear on google, and they remove it, and then later, it reappears.

    I know it is not g fault, it simply indexes what is shown.

    I contacted yellow, white pages, sensis, etc, but it still keeps coming back!!

    I know I need to go higher up (localeze,etc) but we dont have any of these in australia!

    All help much appreciated!

    (btw linda, i took your advice and called wonderwoman, she is out in her hotpants with her overt bustline as we speak killing my dupes, but I digress... .. ...)

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    Re: Old phone number keeps reappearing and I cant delete it

    Have you checked with your phone company that they are listing the right phone #? And the only phone #? Some websites are data enterers and scan phone books/list company's information on the web. Other aggregators copy this information and post it to their website. We had the same thing happen for a client and found out via Acxiom that they were scanning an old phone # from the phone book, & this problem would continue unless we called out telco company and had it corrected.

    Hopefully that gives you a possible lead on the situation
    Hurricane K8
    Leavens Auto Group (London, Orillia, Chatham - Ontario,Canada)

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