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    Do you find Google Algorithms confusing?

    Google’s John Mueller has been stepping into some conversation about the ever changing world of the Google Algorithms. Here is the actual help thread

    The Confusion Over Google’s Algorithm Updates & Refreshes

    This past Friday, there reports from some sources of a Panda refresh. With Panda, we know Google won’t confirm future updates, for the most part. But there is strong evidence to say Google ran a refresh, which on average happens monthly these days.

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    Re: Do you find Google Algorithms confusing?

    Nice find. I find it interesting that he's publicly stated there needs to be an algorithm refresh in order to see changes/recovery from a algorithmic penalty. Unless you have a manual penalty & will need to do a reconsideration request, it appears you're playing a waiting game...

    Definitely not ideal when taking on new clients that are suffering because of another SEO.
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    Re: Do you find Google Algorithms confusing?

    Barry goes into the same John thread with more info and a different slant, worth a read.

    Google: Your Site Is Impacted By Many Algorithms

    In summary, John is explaining that changes in rankings happen to sites impacted by Penguin as well. Because a site impacted by Penguin is also likely impacted by other algorithms. If you clean the Penguin side up, you are likely also cleaning up things with other algorithms that may be negatively or positively impacting your site. Thus you may see changes, slowly, during the Penguin hit, until Google releases the full Penguin update.
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