In case you missed it, Phil did a great post yesterday all about competitive research.

When Can Digging for Competitive Intel Help Your Local SEO?
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People often ask me what kinds of competitive fact-finding I think can help their local SEO efforts. My answer usually is, “Not what you’d think.”

You don’t want to be the schmuck who says, “I don’t get it…I’m doing everything my competitors are doing, so why don’t I have good rankings?” Well, because Google may not be looking for more of the same in the search results – and your would-be customers certainly aren’t.

The best thing you can do is gather the kind of competitive-intel that you can use to get ahead of your competitors, and to ignore the useless facts that only allow you to ape them.

Let’s start with the useless stuff that – in my opinion – isn’t even worth researching:
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