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    Google My Business Now Tracking Phone Calls

    Google My Business is now tracking phone calls as part of the Insights in the GMB Dashboard. There has yet to be an official announcement by Google. There is some discussion going on over at the Local Search Forum. It can only be assumed that the calls are tracked based on mobile click-to-call, but this...

    Read the rest at the Imprezzio Marketing blog

    What do you think?

    Feel free to add comments and questions below.
    Colan Nielsen l GMB Top Contributor
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    Re: Google My Business Now Tracking Phone Calls

    Thanks Joy and Colan!

    FYI I just added some answers about how the calls are being tracked and what it takes for the phone card to show in Insights to the main thread here:

    Phone Calls Now Being Tracked by Google My Business Insights

    See post # 12.
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