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    Leverage LOCAL with New Facebook & Foursquare Features

    I have my hands and brain filled to the brim trying to just keep you guys informed about G+ Local and all the changes/problems. So I don't follow news about Facebook and Foursquare much. Not that they aren't important for local marketing - they are!

    But I'll start trying to a better job of bringing other local marketing opportunities like this to the forefront here at the Local Search Community.

    How Local Businesses Can Leverage New Facebook & Foursquare Features

    Recently, Facebook and Foursquare announced new features that will drastically change the ways local businesses leverage the social networks to build customer loyalty and drive new sales.

    With Facebook, the introduction of Graph Search provides businesses with greater incentive to invest time and effort in their presence on the site so they can appear among the top search results for a wider group of potential customers.

    With Foursquare, changes in privacy policies provide businesses with access to more information that will help them analyze customer trends and better reach loyal customers.

    As more local businesses and consumers find one another and interact via social media, it’s imperative that companies stay abreast of these latest changes. In this column, I’ll get you up-to-speed on announcements and outline tips for how local businesses can and should adapt to take advantage of the opportunities (as well as overcome the challenges) that these changes present... (Click above to read the rest)
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Leverage LOCAL with New Facebook & Foursquare Features

    Yea both these platforms are going to continue to grow quickly. With the younger generations growing up using FB and Foursquare Apps on iPhones and iPads and Google fighting with apple and continuing to mess things up with G+ Local, it will be interesting to see how things play out.

    I think we'll have a lot of Facebook Local SEO ahead of us

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