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    Question about Aggregators??

    I am just wondering how data aggregator works. Let say I have a client who never in the past signup on any data aggregator or do any citation building (maybe they built few citations around 10 citations). But during the audit we have seen tons of citation that has incorrect data and when we emailed those directories they said that they fetched data on this site ******** (data aggregator) and can only be fixed by signing up (which is not free). If my client did not use any aggregator before then why these aggregator distributed the business info on those local directories? I read some article that aggregators also fetch data from government, phone directory or utility company sites, if that so why the business info aggregator's distributed is incorrect (example is the business name where the words is mixed up)

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    Re: Question about Aggregators??

    Hi jvaquino,

    Understanding why or how something works with the aggregators can be a tough question to answer.

    Without going too deep into it, consider the link below that shows a version of the local search ecosystem and how sites share data.

    The 2013 Local Search Ecosystems (and a GetListed Upgrade) - Moz

    To confirm, in my opinion, if there is incorrect data, consider the following:

    I believe you can still submit a free listing to Localeze, InfoGroup and Acxiom. Not sure about Factual. It takes a bit of work but this is the basic first step.

    To make your job a little easier, and more thorough, consider paying for MozLocal. It's about $87 a year and it takes care of all four plus many more all in one step. It's a great service if you have a few bucks to pay to get it done.

    Still have questions? Let me know.

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    Re: Question about Aggregators??

    This is a great article by the team at MOZ that does a fantastic job explaining the data aggregators /providers - Where Google Business Listings and Other Local Search Engines Get Their Data - Moz Local

    The Local Search Ecosystem is a great resource as well. Thanks for sharing that Chris.
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