UPDATE 2/10/15 New Updated News - Includes Twitter Feed of the Leading 76 Local Search Pros.

NEW IMPROVED ▶ Live Local Search News Feeds

For those that don't live in their feedreader and G+ circles like I do...

I created a live Local Search news feed with a few of the most important sources, so while you are here you can just quickly check one place to be sure you don't miss any important news or tips.

Most of you read Mike and Phil's blog already. And may skim the Google forum and my G+ Stream. But in this crazy busy life you lead, it's easy to miss important news. And this provides a quick easy way to be sure you stay up to date. (Or may provide a reminder you saw the title in your feed, Twitter or G+ earlier and need to get over to read the whole post.)

If you hover to the right of each news module - there is a scroll bar if you want to scan through all posts faster or slower.

Mike Blumenthal's Blog

Phil Rozek's Blog

My Google+ Stream
(Which often includes things I have not had time to post here at the forum.)

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