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    Another Tweak Moved Business Messaging

    So far we've only found one example, so this formatting may still be in the testing phase. As you can see in the example below, there is now a message directly on the listing of a business that has moved to a new location that indicates the previous address.

    Name:  shannon harvey previous address.jpg
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    In addition to listing the old address, this particular example also displayed a link to the old listing at the bottom of the Google+ Local page.

    Name:  shannon harvey previous address 2.png
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    What I wonder, is whether or not Google will tweak the messaging depending on the situation, such as if it’s a straight move, or if there is a new business owner, or if it’s a new experience all together. How Google attempts to capture and display these scenarios will be interesting.

    What do you think of the Google’s new messaging format? Have you see any other examples like this one?
    Colan Nielsen l GMB Top Contributor
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    Re: Another Tweak Moved Business Messaging

    Hi Colan thanks for posting that. Good to know!

    I posted a screen shot about a week ago for a relocated TO listing

    And Alex posted a relocated TO listing as well.

    But I had not seen located FROM messaging like you showed yet.

    Not sure how granular they will get about other types of situations but will be interesting to see.
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