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    Review Strategy/Questionnaire... discover your customers who leave reviews

    Hi folks,

    I've been brainstorming about how to find out which of you customers (or patients) are active on review sites and where.

    I'm working on a questionnaire for my dentist clients to give to their patients.

    The objective is to take a more proactive approach to the SMB's online reputation. I envision the client asking each customer/patient to fill out a short questionnaire about their online habits. This would be optional and shouldn't come across as forcing customers/patients to participate.

    The client would note any customer/patient who's an active reviewer and if that customer fit the SMB's happy customer profile, then they'd ask the customer for a review.

    This would help with sites like Yelp that filter reviews of light users. If you have a customer who's a Yelper, then make sure you build rapport and later ask for a review.

    By no means do I think a SMB should try to compensate, but it helps to know who's active in the review world.

    I'm curious to hear what others think. Would something like this work? (Don't be afraid to poo-poo it!)
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    Chris Ratchford
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    Re: Review Strategy/Questionnaire... discover your customers who leave reviews

    Chris I think that's an awesome idea in general.

    Thank you SO much for sharing it with the community!
    I'm anxious to hear their feedback.

    I'll take another look tonight when I have more time and see if I have anything to add.

    Thanks again!!!
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Review Strategy/Questionnaire... discover your customers who leave reviews

    I also think that this is an excellent idea.

    When clients have questions about building reviews I usually ask them these same questions. Most specifically, I want to know if they are an active reviewer.

    As we all know, being an active reviewer is important for these sites when it comes to showing the reviews. And like you said, especially with Yelp.
    Personally, I've been experimenting with Yelp to see how many reviews I need to have before they start appearing. (Actually, I think I'll post a thread asking this)

    Back to your Questionnaire,,, I don't have anything in mind to add it, as I feel simplicity is absolutely important. I can see the value of the Dentist contacting the patient asking for a review with a specific directory/site. I would be curious to know how successful this is once you apply it.
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