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    How To Sell Your Local Search Services Like A Rockstar

    Selling your local search consulting services and figuring out the best way to reach new customers is always a challenge.

    This post makes several good points and touches on things I've talked about before like finding a niche and establishing yourself as an authority and thought leader.

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    How To Sell Your Local SEO Services Like A Rockstar

    Selling Local SEO in 2014 is an ordeal. Nowadays everyone and their cousin claims to be a Local expert. The "good guys" who actually know their stuff and can demonstrate results need to thrive for this industry to grow.

    In this guide, we hope to share with you some of the techniques that could help you, one of the good guys, thrive, get more customers and become Local SEO Sales Rockstars.
    Above is just a snippet - so click the link above to read the full post.

    What do you think???

    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: How To Sell Your Local Search Services Like A Rockstar

    I've gone back and forth about niching. Every time I decide to do it, I get a referral that's in a different industry. Why would I want to turn down a new client because they aren't in my niche?

    Overall I think it's ok, but I think they missed a big point about lead generation.

    #1 should be referrals. There is no need for telemarketing if you do a great job on services, deliver an exceptional experience, and ASK for referrals.

    I always ask clients how often they get cold called about seo and ppc. The average is about 4 phone calls per day. No thanks.
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    Re: How To Sell Your Local Search Services Like A Rockstar

    It makes sense intuitively but has its challenges. It's a heck of a lot easier to bring on a client in my geographic market versus across the country. And I don't work with multiple clients in the same industry/geo niche. So it's tough to be too narrowly focused.

    Lloyd Silver
    Cairn Marketing

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    Re: How To Sell Your Local Search Services Like A Rockstar

    My best source of new business is referrals from other pros. Sometimes website developers/designers, but most come from another internet marketing agency in my town. They do AdWords, SEO, Kickstarter campaigns, etc., and rely on me for local SEO when that needs to be part of a contract. But mostly they just refer folks to me who need local SEO exclusively, or have SEO+local SEO needs but aren't a good match for them.

    I'm also active in the local WordPress community as a MeetUp and WordCamp co-organizer, so that helps too.
    Rich Owings
    Local Is Where It's At | Asheville, NC SEO

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    Re: How To Sell Your Local Search Services Like A Rockstar

    I still take clients in any industry but it can't be denied that focusing on a niche, in my opinion, is the way to go.

    How I've done business over the past few years is I've just raised my prices until now I'm at a price I'm comfortable with and probably won't raise it anymore. Consequently, I've been able to keep my client list low and raise revenue significantly at the same time.

    However, the time is quickly approaching when I will max out my client capacity for myself and have to hire another "me".

    When that becomes a reality, it's very hard to ignore focusing on a niche because of all the benefits.

    It's easier to do the SEO work at that point. The keyword research is already done. You already understand the market and can recycle content. Relationships you've been building in the niche for backlinks can be used over again. Your close ratio is higher because proof is in the pudding and you can show the potential client people in their specific industry that you're working with and crushing it for.

    The list kind of goes on from there.

    However, that wouldn't keep me from taking on new clients in new industries. Focusing on the same niche over and over is boring but it also makes you tons of money.

    As with everything in life, it's all about balance.
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