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    How To Change Image In Business' Knowledge Graph

    How can one change the image that Google shows in a business' knowledge graph in the SERPs?

    And the image I am referring to is the one that typically appears to the left of the map within the knowledge graph box, above the business' name.

    The current image that is being used in my client's case is an image that was uploaded in their Google+ My Business profile, but there doesn't appear to be any particular reason why that one was chosen (it wasn't the first or last image uploaded, nor is it selected as the profile picture).

    As user-interaction increasingly becomes important in rankings, I would like to change this to something more attractive.

    Thank you for any help and guidance!

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    Re: How To Change Image In Business' Knowledge Graph

    It's a crap shoot as to which photo G selects to use. It's supposed to be the first photo loaded in your dash, but I believe the KG is algo driven and is randomly selected. There really is nothing you can do, but load the image you would like to see first and hope for the best.
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