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    survey after support call

    This is a new twist... (at least new for me since the last time I called)

    At the end of the support call the support rep asks if I'd like to take a short survey. Nothing new in that.
    What is new is there is now a comment by the recording at the beginning, "responses to the survey may be associated with your adwords account."
    And then there's the new permission to follow up with you opt-in at the end.

    Wow. Wonder what's up with that? The second part sounds like customer service (yay!), the first one is v interesting. Local support tied to adwords acct. Hmmm...

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    Re: survey after support call

    Hmmm... thanks for sharing Margaret.
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    Re: survey after support call

    Interesting indeed Margaret. I was on a call today but it ended with the regular survey.

    I'll keep my ears peeled on the next one.
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