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    Multiple Google Places Listing Help

    My business has two Google places listings. One listing is for store front and one is for the warehouse:

    warehouse listing - https://plus.google.com/116690771012...33/about?hl=en

    store front listing - https://plus.google.com/106793251974...55/about?hl=en

    We are ranking in the maps pack for "downtown florist chicago il" but the listing that comes up is the warehouse listing. We dont want this listing to exist, we want the store front one coming up in its place.

    How would you recommend we proceed without affecting the current rankings? We are worried if we delete the warehouse listing we might loose any ranking associated with this listing.
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    Re: Multiple Google Places Listing Help

    Google won't delete the other listing. You basically need 'minimize' it to make it less important in the algo's eyes. Think of the algo like a kindergartener trying to play a match game.

    Quote Originally Posted by tdavis View Post
    one is for the warehouse:
    The description right on the G+ L page says it's a cash and carry store, so why would the algo think it was a warehouse. To me and to the algo it sounds like I can walk in and buy and does not sound like a warehouse.

    Try to remove the category Florist and use something generic like warehouse if there is one.

    PLUS that location is right in your header. AND that location is on your contact us page too.
    This all gives the user AND Google a strong signal that that's a retail location.

    So you need to give her different signals, if you don't want that one to be prominent.

    Remove from home and contact. OR put location in an image on contact us and say warehouse only.

    Change the category.

    Change the link on the G+ L listing for the warehouse to the about us page, or some internal page. Home has the most authority usually and they are both competing for the home page ranking. So Google had to pick and picked the wrong one. So give her clearer signals about which one you WANT her to pick.

    Does that make sense?
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