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    Sending out postcards?

    I am kind of in a slump when it comes to getting new clients and I have tried almost everything I can think of via online to try and help get more, but nothing has really worked.

    I thought about creating around 100-200 post cards and sending them out to local businesses in my area. I would of course make them bright and to the point.

    I'm just curious as to if anybody has any experience in this, or has any tips or tricks I should know when doing this?

    Adam Shorts - Local SEO Hub in Greenville, SC

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    Re: Sending out postcards?

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for asking a great Q.

    Sorry, I don't have experience with Postcards because back when I still worked with clients I never did an prospecting at all.

    I share in-depth how I built my local search consulting business so quickly in my training, but also go into some details in a post here at the forum.

    See my comments in this new thread I just posted and it links to the post where I go into more detail:

    Are the days of $2,000 a month Local SEO clients over? Local Search Pros Discuss

    Even though that post is talking more about pricing, I think it kind of ties into the whole business building issue and there were tons of great insights shared.

    Plus if you read through this Consultants Corner forum right here where your post is, you'll find a wealth of other info related to prospecting and getting more clients.
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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