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    Setting up Google Business when working from home???

    I understand I have to set it up with a hidden address.

    Would this statement be correct?

    Full address and info on my site.
    Full address and info on all my citation.
    And a hidden address on Google Business.


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    Re: Setting up Google Business when working from home???

    Hi Stefan,

    Correct, you need to hide address on G+ L. You need to list your actual address in the dashboard though.

    Here are the service area settings to be sure your address gets hidden on your listing.

    SELECT: I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location
    BE SURE THIS IS DESELECTED: I also serve customers at my business address

    That will signal Google to hide your address.

    As far as your site and citations - it really helps to show your address there because Google matches to the address in dash even though it's not showing live.

    However, so you know for clients, some people are worried about privacy or security and don't want their address showing anywhere. So there are citation sites that allow you to enter a listing without an address. And on their site you could do NAP with street address missing and city only. But it's best to do full NAP on site and citations if possible.
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    Re: Setting up Google Business when working from home???

    I agree with what Linda said. You may find this article helpful.

    How to build Citations and hide your address
    Scott Rawlins - Find Local Company in Atlanta GA
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