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    Local SEO strategy

    Hey guys

    I just wanted to see what the process you take when you get a new client? Do you have a process plan or anything?

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    Re: Local SEO strategy

    Greetings Kevin,

    That's an incredibly vague question. Is there something in particular that you're curious about?

    Anyone who has been working directly with clients will certainly have processes to on-board and information gather. There are a few good posts on this board to help you get started. I can't find the 1 that comes to mind (Amber's client in-take form is a good place to start).

    I would also browse, they've got a litany of articles on the topic.
    How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit - Moz
    Technical Site Audit Checklist: 2015 Edition - Moz

    You'll get more information if you ask specific questions about processes you're curious about.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Local SEO strategy

    Hi Kevin,

    You'll find lots of posts about this in the Consultant's Corner. I'm moving your post there now as this question is more of a business building question and again lots of related topics are in that forum that you'll find very helpful.
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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