I'm dealing with the stressful professional listing duplicate issue for a chiropractor. I've read through all of Linda's posts regarding this issue her blog and on the Mapmaker forum. Overcoming New Google Places Duplicate Listing Problems for Dentists, Doctors, Attorneys - Google Places Optimization Blog. Did my best to use the advance search to see if this has already been asked but had no luck.

We are trying to rank the verified and optimized clinic's listing. I'm doing all I can to distinguish information from the chiropractor's listing from the main clinic's mapmaker listing in an effort to "dislodge" the competing listings. The two listings both share: duplicate URLs, phone number, address, and primary category.

I wanted to consult the forum about whether using a Google Voice number for the professional listing advisable or not. I've displayed this number on the chiropractor's web page, and set up the voicemail with him to and is in fact a number he can check and use to communicate with patients. Not sure if Google Voice is an advisable route to address the duplicate phone numbers.

URL Issue
So far I've tried:
- Linking the professional listing's URL to the about-us page explaining that this page is more informative to the patient, which was denied.

As a result I:
- Created a new web page specific to the chiropractor: http://website.com/dr-chiropractor with a contact form beneath. I'm hoping this page will be approved.

Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

- Doug