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    Shall i Clean wrong citations with physical addresses or fix it?

    Okay i have found 44 not verified listings on yahoo with incorrect business name, and incorrect phone numbers. However i can not remove them, Yahoo misleads me to verify them which i do not want to. Then i thought maybe it is good to verify these listings and just correct the phone number and name. Shall i do this, for those listings i do not have any G listing. and it seems someone spammed or probably created wrong citations before. or they had submitted the wrong business name.

    What is the best option?

    Shall i try to delete them if not then what should i do?

    Shall i claim and verify listings? this seems to be easier.

    We have 4 locations and i have no idea who created all of these wrong listings on yahoo and some other directories/

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    Re: Shall i Clean wrong citations with physical addresses or fix it?

    I'm sure people will chime in, but wanted to let you know that I moved this post over to Citations where it will get more eyes on it to better assist you.
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