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    Bright Local Question: How they display Organic Results

    Just trying to understand something about how bright local shows Organic. So, When I run a my bright Local ranking report I get the Local and Organic ranking. Local position is showing #4 in the pack, which is correct. The Organic shows #11, But I see them at #4. It seems that they are including the pack results into the Organic ranking. The quote from support (which is awesome by the way), said, "It is an organic result showing in position 11 in the main Google page". I'm guessing that the software can't actually grab the true Organic. Am I missing something here? I know now to double check what they say as they are just counting from the top down in SERP.

    Someone please enlighten me. Thanks.
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    Re: Bright Local Question: How they dysplay Organic Results

    Yes, all positions on the page are counted, no matter if it is in a "pack" or not. It is the "organic" search page. as opposed to the Google Maps search page.

    So if there is a 7-pack and the the natural results below that, you would be 7 + 4 = 11 in your description.

    If the search page had 4 natural results ahead of the pack, you would show 4th organic and 8th local.

    The "local" signification is great as it tips you/client to the fact that a "local pack" is showing up for that term. A lot of trackers won't/can't do that.

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