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    Virtual tours vs rank

    Linda forgive me if this has been widely discussed.

    I have recently tried to provide a higher package that not only works ranking but enhances the total online curb appeal.

    Virtual tours, as far as Google approved photographers, do not influence rank, but they always say that with a nod and a wink.

    I checked the moz local algo page and tried to find anything that would appear to sound like virtual tours influencing the rank. The best I could find is "completeness of g+ listing". We can all get to 100% without a tour, but does Google see it that way?

    Are these photographers just trying to sell me? If tours do affect rank, it'll be part of my standard package, rather than a premium package.
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    Re: Virtual tours vs rank

    Hi Maginot,

    Moving this post to the Google Business View forum where you will find more answers.

    Here is a major resource you want to read and a quote from me about ranking.

    DYNAMIC! Google Business View: Get your Creative Juices AND Your Traffic Flowing!

    "You guys are all involved in SEO, so let's address the elephant in the room. I've talked about the potential SEO benefits here in the forum and other places as well.

    We know for a fact that 2 important ranking factors are click-through rates (from SERP to site) and stick rate. How many click through and how long they stay are 2 indicators of popularity to Google and helps the algo see that, that particular site was a great match to the query.

    Well do you think an entertaining, engaging, fun or creative tour like one of the ones above would get more clicks and make people stay longer? Sure it would!

    Additionally Google wants us to EARN links, not build links. Don't you think once folks in the local market saw these they would share a link socially? In some cases I'm sure local media even picks it up and does a story and these can sort of go viral.

    Last but not least - what is the best small business marketing on the planet? Plain old word of mouth: your friends and neighbors telling you about a business. This fosters that too!"

    Additionally I think BV increases TRUST which is part of the local algo.

    A fake business or bogus location would never add a tour. You have to have a real physical location so I think there may be a trust boost.

    NOW realize I am not saying - add a tour and your ranking will jump. Everything else has to be in order and I don't think simply adding a tour gives a direct ranking boost BUT if it's done creatively and helps get more clicks, longer stick and helps attract some back links then, yes, over time it should help with ranking.

    See the Business View forum this post is in for lots more info.

    Also see the Red Hat Local SEO post stickied at the top of this forum for related info.
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