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Thread: Hello From Mich

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    Hello From Mich


    Glad to have found this forum.I have a problem I hope I can get resolved. I have a paint contracting business in the mid Michigan for 24 years.My google listing is dropping fast thanks to a move and some third party not releasing my info.
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    Re: Hello From Mich

    Hi there delstele and welcome.

    I sense you are very frustrated, but had to do a little editing on your post. We don't allow bashing against companies here and try to stay solution focused rather than complaint focused. Yes it's your info. BUT it's their site and they pay for design, hosting, development and can make the rules. Just like Google. We don't make the rules and don't always agree with them but it's their site so if we want a listing we have to play by their rules - same kinda deal.

    So you know, we do have a help forum below where we could possibly help you if you want to post a link to your G+ L listing down there, we can take a look.

    But a couple things I wanted to share with you. Any time you move it wreaks havoc with Google for a variety of reasons. And also ranking is not only about citations. There are over 200 ranking factors, so there could be other issues affecting your ranking as well.

    If you post down there with a link to your G+ L page and tell us your main KW. We can take a peek and see if there is anything else amiss or anything that could be improved.
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